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if you compliment me online there’s a 6378% chance i’m sitting in front of my computer like


I wish I could be the girl to look you straight in the eye and tell you that I love with you all your heart and giggle in surprise when you swept me off my feet. I would give anything to be your everything but when I kiss you it’s not there. I looked everywhere for it, in new ways, through different colored lenses and times. But I couldn’t find it. I see that my body is separate from my mind and maturity and therefore I can’t. You are the most perfect person and everything you say and do is right. Whenever I see your broken face every part of me screams to sweep you up and fix it but I know that I shouldn’t and won’t. You deserve better than a drug dealer. 

Gay men and women should have the same rights as everyone else. But why is that same, pure love not given to the millions of aborted unborn babies?

Letting my cat do my English homework